Welcome to Asheboro, NC

The bustling Town of Asheboro seems to be the hub of Travelers and Tourists throughout the state of North Carolina. Asheboro is the home of the NC Zoo, there are so many visitors to this area that the once small town of Asheboro has grown into the City you see today! Asheboro is the county seat of Randolph County and is often called ‘The Heart of NC’. Although Asheboro may be the Southern most part of the Piedmont Triad it sits center to the State of North Carolina. Intersected by NC Hwy 64, NC Hwy 42 and US Hwy 220, you’ll find 1 major Interstate runs right through Asheboro; I73. With these major intersections of US and NC Highways Asheboro is easily accessible to all points of North Carolina making it the hub for travelers. You won’t miss out on things to do here, even with the NC Zoo you still have other opportunities awaiting you. Randolph County brings you the home of NASCAR Driver Richard Petty and the Petty Museum,